2011 Expedition

Submarine Volcanoes of the Aeolian Arc and Tyrrhenian Sea

September 14 – 23, 2011

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Selected Publications


Zvi-Kedem, T., Shemesh, E., Tchernov, D., & Rubin-Blum, M. (2021). The worm affair: Genetic diversity in two species of symbionts that co-occur in tubeworms from the Mediterranean Sea. bioRxiv


Rubin-Blum, M., Tsadok, R., Shemesh, E., Goodman-Tchernov, B., Austin, J., Coleman, D., Ben-Avraham, Z., Gruber, D., Tchernov, D. (2014). Distribution of the Lamellibrachia spp. (Sibogilnidae, Annelida) and their trophosome endosymbiont phylotypes in the Mediterranean Sea. Marine Biology 161(6): 1229-1239.
Taviani, M. (2014). Marine Chemosynthesis in the Mediterranean Sea. In: Goffredo, S., Dubinsky, Z. (eds) The Mediterranean Sea: Its history and present challenges : 69-83.