Welcome aboard! Ocean Exploration Trust seeks out new discoveries in geology, biology, and archaeology while exploring little-known regions of the world’s oceans, and shares expeditions with explorers around the world via live telepresence. The international Nautilus Corps of Exploration consists of engineers, scientists, technologists, educators, students, and mariners -- all contributing in various ways to our expeditions at sea and onshore.

Participating in an expedition?

Resources may be found here for expedition participants including at-sea scientists, contractors, Science & Engineering Interns, and Science Communication Fellows.

Login to our Participant Resources to complete mandatory pre-expedition forms and access travel and logistics documents. 

Scientist participating ashore?

For the scientific community, our Scientists Ashore Program allows researchers around the world to contribute to our expeditions remotely and request collected data and samples.

Login to our Science Portal to access data and participate in control van operations using a real-time text chat.

Attending the 2024 Nautilus Expedition Forum?

The 2024 Nautilus Expedition Forum -- OET's annual season kickoff event -- brings together Science Communication Fellowship participants, science leads, partner representatives, and OET staff.

Attendees joining virtually or by invitation in person, log in here