Board of Directors

Robert Patricelli headshot photo

Robert E. Patricelli

Partner, In Tandem Capital Partners
Co-chair of Connecticut’s Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth
Larry Mayer headshot photo

Larry Mayer

Director of the School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering, Director of the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping
University of New Hampshire
Robert Ballard headshot photo

Robert D. Ballard

President of the Ocean Exploration Trust
Director of the Center for Ocean Exploration, Graduate School of Oceanography URI
Vicki Phillips headshot photo

Vicki Phillips

Executive VP & Chief Education Officer
National Geographic Society
Enric Sala headshot

Enric Sala

Explorer in Residence & Founder of Pristine Seas
National Geographic Society
Allison Fundis headshot photo

Allison Fundis

Secretary, Non-Voting
Chief Operating Officer
Ocean Exploration Trust
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Denise Armstrong

Associate Secretary, Non-Voting
Chief Financial & Administrative Officer
Ocean Exploration Trust