Courtney Paphites headshot photo

Courtney Paphites

Data Logger
Cape Henry Collegiate School

Courtney Paphites works as a data logger on the E/V Nautilus.

Courtney is a senior at Cape Henry Collegiate School in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She has always been very interested in Geophysical sciences and hopes to major in Geology or Archaeology in college next year. After graduating, she plans to work toward her PhD. Courtney is taking as many science and math classes as she can and is currently taking AP Biology and doing an independent study in Geology. The independent study is led by Debra Duffy (Educator-at-Sea onboard) and the study will continue doing research in the classroom after they return from the expedition. Being part of the Honors Program on the E/V Nautilus gives Courtney great hands-on experience and helps her learn of potential careers in this field of science. 


Courtney participated in the following Ocean Exploration Trust expeditions: