Inspiring the Next Generation of STEM Explorers

A central pillar of Ocean Exploration Trust’s mission is inspiring and motivating the next generation of explorers and STEM professionals.

We host a suite of free educational programs and resources to introduce teachers, students, science centers, and local communities to the excitement of discovery and the role models who push back the boundaries of the unknown and inspire explorers around the world.

    Nautilus Educational Impact

    Ocean Exploration Trust and E/V Nautilus educational initiatives have connected global learners of all ages with deep sea exploration, science, and technology. Since 2010, notable highlights in our education and outreach programs include:

    Ship-to-Shore Interactionshosted 5,050+ live connections reaching 596,000+ learners in classrooms, science centers, and communities around the world.

    Science & Engineering Internships at-sea workforce training for 136 community college, undergraduate, and graduate students studying ocean science, engineering, video, and seafloor mapping.

    Science Communication Fellowship embedded 135 formal and informal educators as STEM expedition communicators and storytellers in our team.

    Professional Development Workshops trained 600+ educators with inquiry-driven resources to connect K-12 content with real-world research, exploration, and STEM careers.

    Corps of Exploration expanded role model mentors to include 1300+ scientists, engineers, educators, students, and mariners. 

    Public outreach answered 20,000+ questions a year through the Nautilus livestream question feed.

    Expanding STEM representation 70% of 2020 at-sea education program positions awarded to women. 45% of 2020 Science & Engineering interns identify as underrepresented minority students.

    More Education Initiatives

    design patches

    Nautilus Patch Design Contest 

    All explorers have a creative side! Students ages 5-18 —  share your ideas with OET designing Nautilus' expedition season patch.

    Learners in classroom

    Virtual Live Events

    Publicly available online events connect learners around the world with the topics, technologies, and careers of ocean exploration. Meet our team bringing latest discoveries from expeditions straight to home or school.

    Community Education Partnerships

    Community partnerships enable our exploration team to broaden our reach to new learners. We provide engaging learning opportunities like the Nautilus Ambassador Program and professional development workshops to build awareness and capacity to increase student interest in STEM education pathways.

    Featured Education Content