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The team is now off the coast of Hawaiʻi Island deploying small boats and dive teams studying marine mammal vocalization and local shark diversity and abundance, led by project teams from the National Geographic Society. Learn more about the expedition and check out our social channels for more behind-the-scenes looks at the current research. 2 hours 17 minutes ago


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From Shore to the Abyss: Exploration of Marine Mammal Communication and Shark Communities in the Main Hawaiian Islands

In our first leg of the brand-new expedition series From Shore to the Abyss, we are teaming up with (and receiving funding from) the National Geographic Society to study shallow waters near Maui and Hawaiʻi island. Project teams on this leg will combine cutting-edge technologies with indigenous Hawaiian knowledge to increase knowledge and understanding of marine life. The work will focus on sharks and marine mammals—apex predators who are culturally significant to the Hawaiian people.