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Join us exploring a deep portion (1770+ m) of the Cascadia Subduction Zone offshore of Coos Bay Oregon where we hope to find solid methane hydrate to sample the possible Earth’s mantle origins of the gas. Send in your questions for the team!
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Cascadia Margin Seep Exploration

For two weeks, E/V Nautilus will return to the Cascadia Margin, a geologically active region located offshore of Washington, Oregon, and northern California, where we have mapped and explored many methane seeps and cold seeps. Since the 2016 expedition season, E/V Nautilus and other vessel’s multibeam sonar surveys have located over 3,500 previously unknown bubble streams rising from the Cascadia Margin between the Strait of Juan de Fuca in Washington and California’s Cape Mendocino at depths between 200-3,200 meters (Merle et al., 2021).

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