2024 Expedition
 #ONCAbyss Summer 2024

#ONCAbyss Summer 2024

June 6 – 27, 2024

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This expedition brings E/V Nautilus to the Northeastern Pacific Ocean for the eighth year of the partnership between Ocean Networks Canada and OET. The main objective of this expedition is to provide maintenance and support of Ocean Networks Canada’s cabled observatory NEPTUNE (Northeast Pacific Undersea Networked Experiments), located off the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. The cabled observatory consists of an 800-kilometer loop where fiber optic connected deployed technologies gather thousands of observations about dynamics across an entire tectonic plate with high-resolution temporal observations not afforded by traditional ship-based exploration. 

During this 21-day expedition, E/V Nautilus will deploy, recover, and provide maintenance to various seafloor instruments using ROV surveys, as well as conduct seafloor mapping exploration. Ocean enthusiasts all over the world can remotely join the expedition’s deep-sea exploration through livestream events. The expedition will start and end in Sidney (British Columbia). ONC delivers ocean data from its cabled, mobile, and community-based observing networks that represent an essential component of Canada’s ocean observing science capacity. 

This expedition is funded by Ocean Networks Canada.

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