Monika Pelz headshot photo

Monika Pelz

Education and Engagement Coordinator
Ocean Networks Canada

An innovative teacher and educator, Monika was once compared to Chris Hadfield. This comparison was wildly inaccurate, and shouldn’t really be used. Monika enjoys nature, despite what it did to her, and through relentless self-promotion, pestering and refusing to leave, has built a reputation around teaching ocean science and technology in the classroom. As K-12 Education and Engagement Coordinator with Ocean Networks Canada, this has worked out in her favor. If she had chosen any other profession, it would probably be a bit weird.

When not teaching, Monika enjoys the small pleasures in life, like lying under the benches on BC Ferries and tying people’s shoelaces together and giving a fake name when ordering a coffee or receiving a speeding ticket. Monika is known for her sense of humor and to quote herself, her “unmatched excellence in being humble; she is simply the best”. Monika is unrestrainedly creative when answering questions, and it is advised that prudent fact checking occurs after speaking with her on any subject not related to her work.

"I’ve always loved the ocean because its one of the last great unknowns on this planet. It’s full of strange creatures and never-before-seen landscapes. I can’t wait to start looking at all the cool stuff hiding in the depths!"


Monika participated in the following Ocean Exploration Trust expeditions: