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Allison Fundis

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Expedition Leader
Chief Operating Officer
Ocean Exploration Trust

Allison Fundis is the Chief Operating Officer of the Ocean Exploration Trust, where she brings a diverse background of education, science, and sea-going experience to engage students, educators, and the public in ocean exploration and research. After beginning her career as a high school chemistry and biology teacher, she retooled and found her passion for marine geology and sea-going research. She has extensive experience on research expeditions utilizing a variety of technologies and submersibles and is passionate about making authentic research experiences available to the public, educators, and the next generation of scientists and engineers. Before joining the Ocean Exploration Trust in 2013, Allison worked with the Ocean Observatories Initiative at the University of Washington developing educational resources and programs utilizing real-time data and telepresence capabilities from sea. 

Allison holds a M.S. degree in Marine Geology from the University of Florida and a B.A. in Human Ecology from the College of the Atlantic. Her geological studies focused on understanding the controls on eruption dynamics in submarine volcanic systems. 


"I am excited to join another season aboard Nautilus to bring the excitement of ocean exploration to audiences around the globe and to help inspire the next generation of engineers and ocean scientists."