Super High Temperatures at Grotto Hydrothermal Vent

It’s a good thing our geologists like it hot because while measuring temperatures at the Grotto hydrothermal vent of the Main Endeavour Field during dive H2031, our probe recorded an incredibly high measurement of 332℃ or 629.6℉! During this #ONCabyss Summer 2024 expedition, OET and Ocean Networks Canada are performing maintenance and collecting data on this special deep sea environment, one of the most hostile on the planet. We install these BARS, or benthic and resistivity sensors, to record measurements like resistivity, temperature, hydrogen, and eH at these sites over time. Our scientists speculate these higher-than-expected temperatures may be a result of recent increased seismic activity in the region, recorded by ONC instruments in real-time beginning in March 2024. 

Learn more about the #ONCabyss NA161 expedition funded by Ocean Networks Canada.