2023 Expedition
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Ocean Networks Canada Maintenance and Exploration

June 25 – July 18, 2023

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For this expedition, we take a trip north to provide support to Ocean Networks Canada’s (ONC) wired seafloor observatory off the west coast of British Columbia where deployed technologies gather thousands of observations about dynamics across an entire tectonic plate. In addition to deploying, recovering, and providing maintenance for various observatory sensors and instruments via ROV dives, the team will also assist in scientific seafloor surveys with biological and geological sampling, including revisiting the spectacular Endeavour hydrothermal vent field.

This 22-day expedition that starts and ends in Sidney (British Columbia) marks the seventh year of the partnership between Ocean Networks Canada and OET. ONC’s cabled observatory consists of an 800-kilometer loop of fiber optic cable that connects various instruments, thereby providing high-resolution, long-term, location-specific observations not afforded by traditional ship-based exploration. ONC delivers ocean data from its cabled, mobile, and community-based observing networks that represent an essential component of Canada’s ocean observing science capacity. 

By bringing data to the surface, ONC provides ocean intelligence to scientists, governments, organizations, and citizens. ONC data accelerates scientific discovery and makes possible services and solutions that support ocean-and-planet sustainability—from ocean-based climate change mitigation through to earthquake early warning and marine safety.  

This expedition is funded by Ocean Networks Canada.


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