Explore the Pacific with OET's 2023 Expedition Season

We're excited to share a preview of our 2023 expedition season! Launching LIVE May 16, our journey will take us from Hawai'i to Canada, south of the equator, and back again as we explore the vast Pacific Ocean. The Pacific covers nearly one-third of the planet’s surface - the largest wilderness on Earth - with thousands of islands, deep cultural history, and below the waves, unknown species, and yet-to-be-seen landscapes. Only a tiny fraction of the seafloor has been explored, and there’s so much more to discover to care for its future.  Join OET and our partners as we livestream 24/7 across the expedition season! 

The 2023 Nautilus Expedition is sponsored by NOAA Ocean Exploration via the Ocean Exploration Cooperative Institute, the Office of Naval Research, Ocean Networks Canada, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, and private donors. OET education program sponsors and partners for 2023 include the Office of Naval Research, the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, CITGO, QPS, and the Phil Stephenson Foundation. The Ocean Exploration Cooperative Institute is based at the University of Rhode Island, with affiliated institutions and organizations, including Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the University of New Hampshire, Ocean Exploration Trust, and the University of Southern Mississippi.