2022 Expedition

From Shore To the Abyss: Exploration of Maritime Heritage and Microplastic Pollution in the Main Hawaiian Islands

October 10 – 24, 2022

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Expedition Leader

Our third From Shore to the Abyss expedition finds OET and National Geographic Society investigating maritime cultural heritage and plastic pollution in the waters around Lānaʻi and Maui. Both project teams will investigate evidence left behind by humans to better understand what happened in the past, as well as what this means for the future. Projects focus on the intersection of human actions and the ocean environment to inform policy and management of this ecosystem.

The microplastics team will expand on work from expedition two to advance a robust microplastic sampling program and create a map of microplastic and anthropogenic microfiber pollution found in the surface waters and air surrounding the islands. The maritime heritage team of archaeologists, underwater photographers, and educators will create virtual 3D models of key cultural heritage sites in the region. Using photography, video, field notes, and other evidence, the team will design and post a real-time “digital mosaic” of the trip and create related curriculum for primary and post-secondary classrooms.

The From Shore to the Abyss Program expands Ocean Exploration Trust’s ocean exploration program from the deep sea into coastal ecosystems. OET is providing E/V Nautilus and our team’s expedition experience to contribute to new discoveries, focused on the conservation of coral reefs and the generation of new knowledge that can apply to global ocean conservation, education, and ocean exploration.

This expedition is funded by the National Geographic Society.


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