From Shore to the Abyss: An Exploration and Conservation Partnership

And now for something new and different! The Ocean Exploration Trust is very proud and excited to be underway in our From Shore To The Abyss (FSTA) program in partnership with the National Geographic Society. OET is providing E/V Nautilus and our team’s expedition experience to contribute to discoveries focused on the conservation of reefs and the generation of new knowledge that can apply to global ocean conservation, education, and exploration.

This year, each of the three FSTA expeditions will include two National Geographic project teams focused on understanding different aspects of the archipelago's unique resources. These expeditions will focus on exploring Hawaiʻi's ecosystems and conducting research projects to better understand resident sharks and marine mammals, the impact of plastics on marine environments, and the maritime history of Hawaiʻi. Teams will use scuba diving, snorkeling, and small-boat surveys to conduct research projects using cutting-edge technologies and citizen science techniques.

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