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Since 2014, Ocean Exploration Trust and CITGO have partnered to bring the cutting-edge excitement of ocean exploration and the inspiration of discovery into the classrooms for students in and around Lake Charles, Louisiana, Houston and Corpus Christi, Texas, and Lemont, Illinois. This Community STEM Program has inspired thousands of students and community members through live ship-to-shore broadcasts, educator professional development events, at-sea programs, and STEM lessons and activities.


CITGO has supported the development of the Beyond the Wow educational video series

STEM resources developed
Educators trained
Live ship-to-shore interactions


CITGO’s partnership has supported more than 25 Corps of Exploration members, including:

“This opportunity has enlightened me on the importance of STEM education and its importance in developing careers for the future. It changed my paradigm on ocean exploration, its necessity, and its vital role on the planet as a whole. I will never be the same teacher or the same person. Thank you so much for this life-altering experience.” - Nautilus Ambassador

"Our experience with the Nautilus Live team was nothing short of outstanding. The students were blown away by how applicable their studies were to deep sea exploration and how close and accessible it was to be a part of something as mystifying as Nautilus Live. The (live ship-to-shore interaction) was enlightening as it was entertaining and our audience of 250+ students were captivated throughout the entire show. Our host, Koby was phenomenal in answering all of our questions with depth and swiftness; we could not have asked for a more responsive and amazing team."

"I learned new lessons that are both relevant to my TEKs and exciting for students to learn about the importance of our oceans."

“This [at-sea program] was a remarkable experience. Everyone on the ship was kind, knowledgeable, and made me feel like they honestly liked sharing information about their roles. I learned so much more than I could process at the time while having FUN. THANK YOU!"

“Using OET resources increased my confidence in teaching my science, technology, engineering, math or career pathway subjects and using OET resources increased my awareness of STEM careers"