Ship-to-Shore Interactions

ship to shore interactions
Ocean Exploration Trust

Bring the excitement of deep-sea exploration LIVE to your classroom, science center, museum, aquarium, or community event. Live ship-to-shore interactions with E/V Nautilus allow students to engage in a unique two-way, live dialogue with the educators, scientists, and engineers of the Corps of Exploration. Live interactions are available free to classroom and community events audiences. All live interactions are pre-scheduled to match your teaching schedule. 

Ship-to-shore interactions are conducted using Google Meet and last 20 - 30 minutes with time for an expedition update and audience-led Q&A about careers, discoveries, or the exploration process. Interactions are not broadcast publicly to allow for a more personal connection with our science and engineering team but can include multiple classrooms or virtual logins. A second option for connecting is using Zoom. 

Technical Requirements

  • Internet connection (with enough bandwidth to load a video without buffering)
  • Google Chrome browser to run Google Meet or Zoom software to run Zoom
  • Projector/screen or display plan (for the incoming video from presenters at sea)
  • Speakers (for incoming audio from presenters)
  • Microphone (internal to computer or external)

Schedule a 2021 Ship-to-Shore Interaction

Our schedule is open to connect any day through late December as the ship travels throughout the Eastern and Central Pacific from Canada to Hawaii!