Ship-to-Shore Interactions

ship to shore interactions
Ocean Exploration Trust

Bring the excitement of deep-sea exploration LIVE to your classroom, science center, museum, aquarium, or community event. Live ship-to-shore interactions with E/V Nautilus allow students to engage in a unique two-way, live dialogue with the educators, scientists, and engineers of the Corps of Exploration. Live interactions are available free to classroom and community events audiences. All live interactions are pre-scheduled to match your teaching schedule. 

Ship-to-shore interactions are conducted using Google Meet and last 20 - 30 minutes with time for an expedition update and audience-led Q&A about careers, discoveries, or the exploration process. Interactions are not broadcast publicly to allow for a more personal connection with our science and engineering team but can include multiple classrooms or virtual logins. A second option for connecting is using Zoom. 

Technical Requirements

  • Internet connection (with enough bandwidth to load a video without buffering)
  • Google Chrome browser to run Google Meet 
  • Projector/screen or display plan (for the incoming video from presenters at sea)
  • Speakers (for incoming audio from presenters)
  • Microphone (internal to computer or external)

Schedule a 2021 Ship-to-Shore Interaction (Submit this request form)

2021 live interactions will begin in July, in line with our expedition season! Our schedule will then be open to connect daily through late December as the ship travels throughout the Eastern and Central Pacific from Canada to Hawaii! If you have an event you would like to link the Nautilus team with before July, please contact