2020 Expedition
Endeavour hydrothermal vent field

Wiring the Abyss

September 5 – 17, 2020

Expedition Partners

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The Nautilus team will provide maintenance and support to University of Victoria's Ocean Networks Canada’s NEPTUNE observatory located off the west coast of Canada. The NEPTUNE subsea infrastructure is an 800-kilometer (500-mile) loop of fiber optic cable connected to instruments at five nodes that enables scientists to study seafloor phenomena through continuous long-term, high-resolution observations not afforded by traditional ship-based ocean exploration. ONC monitors the west and east coast of Canada and the Arctic to continuously gather data in real-time for scientific research that helps communities, governments and industry make informed decisions about our future. 

This #ONCAbyss expedition marks the fifth year of partnership between ONC and the Ocean Exploration Trust and will include work at various NEPTUNE observatory sites including Barkley Canyon, Clayoquot Slope, Cascadia Basin, and the Endeavour hydrothermal vents. In addition to deploying, recovering, and providing maintenance for various observatory sensors and instruments, Nautilus will also conduct seafloor mapping surveys, ROV surveys, and sampling. 

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