2018 Expedition

Expedition Overview Cascadia Mapping | Nautilus Live

Cascadia Margin & Washington Mapping

Jun 30, 2018 to Jul 3, 2018 — NA096

This short expedition will transit from Astoria, Oregon to Sidney, British Columbia and will include seafloor mapping with the E/V Nautilus multibeam echosounder and sub-bottom profiler. Surveys will occur along the route on an opportunity basis to fill in gaps in high resolution mapping in the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary for general bathymetric data collection and seafloor characterization. While transiting north, Nautilus will also attempt to locate and recover fragments of a rare, large meteorite fall that was observed off the coast of Washington in March 2018. 

Systematic mapping of the seafloor by echosounder commenced nearly a century ago, however, more than 80% of the world’s seafloor is still not mapped, and the eastern Pacific Ocean is no exception. E/V Nautilus is equipped with a multibeam sonar and sub-bottom echosounder to collect bathymetric, surface sediment characteristic, subsurface geology and water column data. These types of seafloor mapping data are useful for identifying areas or features of interest, creating bathymetric charts for ROV dive planning and situational awareness, and locating hydrothermal vents and gas or oil seeps.

Sponsored by: NOAA Office of Exploration and Research

Meet the Team

Photo of Mark DeRoche
Deck Chief
Photo of Justin Engles
Science/Data Team
Photo of Marc Fries
Science and Data Team
Photo of Allison Fundis
Expedition Leader
Photo of Lindsay Gee
Science/Data Team, Mapping
Photo of Ethan Gold
Data Engineer
Photo of Michael Hannaford
Hercules Pilot
Photo of Gabrielle Inglis
Argus Pilot
Photo of Renato Kane
Photo of Dana Manalang
Science/Data Team
Photo of Kyle Neumann
Video Engineer
Photo of Susan Poulton
Photo of Nicole Raineault
Expedition Leader
Photo of Miles Saunders
Photo of Jenny Waddell
Science/Data Team
Photo of Robert Waters
Hercules Pilot
Photo of Tammy Weyers
Video Engineer
Photo of Samantha  Wishnak


Video: Expedition Overview: Cascadia Mapping & Meteorite Hunt
Expedition Overview: Cascadia Mapping & Meteorite Hunt
June 28, 2018
Video: Ask #NautilusLive: Will We Find Meteorites?
Ask #NautilusLive: Will We Find Meteorites?
July 2, 2018
Album: Preliminary Findings from the Nautilus Meteorite Hunt
Preliminary Findings from the Nautilus Meteorite Hunt
12 photos
July 3, 2018