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Ocean Exploration Trust and the Nautilus Exploration Program seek out new discoveries in geology, biology, and archaeology while conducting scientific exploration of the seafloor. Our expeditions launch aboard Exploration Vessel Nautilus — a 64-meter research ship equipped with live-streaming underwater vehicles for scientists, students, and the public to explore the deep sea from anywhere in the world. We embed educators and interns in our expeditions who share their hands-on experiences via ship-to-shore connections with the next generation. Even while we are not at sea, explorers can dive into Nautilus Live to learn more about our expeditions, find educational resources, and marvel at new encounters.

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The 2021 Nautilus expedition launches in July with six months of live-streaming from the deep sea! In the meantime, learn more about this season's expeditions and enjoy some of our favorite recent highlights and education resources. Stay current with our latest updates by signing up for our newsletters and following us on social media. 
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E Pacific Ocean