2010 Expedition
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Sea of Marmara and Eastern Aegean Sea

June 29 – July 3, 2010

This expedition took the team back to the wreck site of the British battleship HMS Triumph, which was sunk in 1915 during the WWI Dardanelles campaign. One of the expedition objectives was to return to the stone circle features found near the battleship to photomosaic them. Additional sonar coverage of the area discovered nearly 30 circular features on the seafloor in the vicinity of the battleship wreck. During the mission, the team also discovered a new ancient shipwreck off the Gallipoli peninsula, named Gallipoli A. Tentative dating of the ceramics suggests the ship to fall within the Greek to Hellenistic eras. Further investigation was challenged by the site being covered with a large amount of biological growth and encrustations, serving now as an artificial reef. 

During NA004, approximately 63 km2 was surveyed with side-scan sonar towfish Diana within Anzac Cove and into deeper waters. Five dives were made with ROVs employing several different technologies for imaging sites in deep water including a 2200 kHz multibeam sonar, stereo cameras, a green laser stripe, a scanning pencil-beam sonar, and a sub-bottom profiler. Data from this expedition will product 3D reconstructions, microbathymetry maps of the wreck sites, and high-resolution photomosaics.

Selected Publications


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