Roderick MacLeod headshot photo

Roderick MacLeod

Chief Navigator
Ocean Exploration Trust

Prior to joining E/V Nautilus, Roderick served in the Royal Navy and worked in the software industry. He loves his work on board: as R.O.V. Navigator he gets a topmast view of R.O.V. operations, ship's operations and the science teams. The work is complex and crosses many disciplines. Oceanography on board Nautilus covers in equal parts Archaeology, Geology and Biology, which means that there are plenty of different types of R.O.V. dives to think about, plan and execute. Every day on board Nautilus presents new and very exciting challenges.

Roderick graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2000. He was Commissioned as an Officer in the Royal Navy in 2003. In June 2014 he completed a Master of Arts within the Art & Science Research Group at Central Saint Martin's in London.