2019 Expedition

Pacific Seamounts

Sep 19, 2019 to Oct 2, 2019 — NA115

The expedition will focus on mapping from Honolulu to San Francisco, as the E/V Nautilus’ operations move back east to the US West Coast, in addition to the first deep water test of a new mobile ROV system. The mapping route has been planned to utilize the multibeam echosounder and sub-bottom profiler to fill in gaps in seabed mapping coverage across the Pacific.

Systematic mapping of the seafloor by echosounder commenced nearly a century ago, however, more than 80% of the world’s seafloor is still not mapped, even at a resolution of 1km, and the eastern Pacific Ocean is no exception. The seafloor mapping by Nautilus plays an integral part with planning and successful execution of future ROV dives and other ocean observations. In addition to the direct value gained supporting ​Nautilus​ cruises, the seabed mapping data and products on this expedition directly contribute to international mapping efforts including the Seabed 2030 project.

In collaboration with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and NOAA Office of Exploration & Research, OET has designed and built a sister ROV system to complement the Hercules and Argus ROVs. During this expedition, a variety of engineering tests will be conducted with ROVs Little Hercules, Atalanta, and supportive equipment.

Sponsored by: NOAA Office of Exploration and Research

Meet the Team

Photo of Neah Baechler
Science/Data Team / Navigator
Photo of Sarah Bremmer
Seafloor Mapping Intern
Photo of Josh Chernov
ROV Operations Manager
Photo of Ben Craik
Data Engineer
Photo of Allison Fundis
Expedition Leader
Photo of Lindsay Gee
Science/Data Team, Mapping
Photo of Erin Heffron
Science/Data Team, Mapping
Photo of Jonathan Howland
ROV Engineer
Photo of Gabrielle Inglis
Argus Pilot
Photo of Justin Lowe
Data Engineer
Photo of Megan Lubetkin
Science / Data Team
Photo of Martin McArthur
Navigator / Mapper
Photo of Ed McNichol
Video Engineer
Photo of Dave Robertson
Video Engineer
Photo of Miles Saunders
Photo of Trevor Shepherd
Hercules Pilot
Photo of Robert Waters
Hercules Pilot


Album: Filling in the Gaps: Seafloor Mapping in Transit
Filling in the Gaps: Seafloor Mapping in Transit
13 photos
July 18, 2019
Video: Exploring the Deep Sea History of Seafloor Mapping
Exploring the Deep Sea History of Seafloor Mapping
September 30, 2019