2010 Expedition
Worm casings

Eastern Mediterranean Sea

September 3 – 15, 2010

Expedition NA009 surveyed the outer continental slope and rise off the coast of Israel in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea (Levantine Basin). Using ROVs Argus and Hercules the team conducted the first deep-water ROV survey of this kind in Israeli waters. The mission included exploration in 3 primary regions for visual inspection and sample collection:
-1 Continental break canyons region offshore northern Israel, from Achziv Canyon in the north to Dor Disturbance in the south, in water between 500 and 1200 m.
-2 Continental slope across the Nile Cone and adjacent deep-sea levee, in water ~1700 m.
-3 The northern boundary of the continental slope detachment known as the ‘Palmachim Disturbance’, in water between 500 to 1200 m.

Selected Publications


Zvi-Kedem, T., Shemesh, E., Tchernov, D., & Rubin-Blum, M. (2021). The worm affair: Genetic diversity in two species of symbionts that co-occur in tubeworms from the Mediterranean Sea. bioRxiv


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