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Exploration A to Z Flashcards

Watercolor painting of dumbo octopus and gulper eel surround text Exploration A to Z Flashcards
Ocean Exploration Trust

Explore the vocabulary of exploration from A to Z!  These fun flashcards will introduce learners to creatures, features, and technology from the deep sea in a fun, print-at-home format. Follow the QR code on each card to dive deeper into learning with a Nautilus exploration video or image gallery!

A is for Argus

B is for Basalt

C is for Chemosynthesis

D is for Deep Sea Corals

E is for Explorers

F is for Fangtooth fish

G is for Googly-Eyed Stubby Squid

H is for Hercules

I is for Isopod

J is for Jellies 

K is for Kick ‘em Jenny

L is for Laboratory

M is for Multibeam Mapping

N is for Nautilus

O is for Octopus Nursery

P is for Purple Orb

Q is for Quintillion

R is for Rathbunaster

S is for Sperm Whale

T is for Tube worms

U is for USS Independence

V is for Vents

W is for Whale fall

X is for XBT

Y is for Yaw

Z is for Zooplankton




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