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Using the power of telepresence, Ocean Exploration Trust connects learners around the world with exciting events diving into the topics, technologies, and careers in ocean exploration. Programs introduce learners to professional explorers from the Corps of Exploration and bring the latest discoveries from expeditions straight to audiences whether at home or in school.

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The Explore @ Home learning series dives into STEM topics in ocean exploration with our team and introduces relevant OET educational resources, highlighting easy-to-follow at-home activities to reinforce learning for student audience members.


Meet the Team student and career features are interactive opportunities to meet early career professionals who study and work in ocean science, technology, and engineering. Learn about their pathways and explore the many possibilities in STEM careers!

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Next on Nautilus expedition overviews feature the latest updates from the 2020 Nautilus expedition in the Eastern Pacific. Join our team to recap thrilling discoveries and preview science and technology developments you can see on Nautilus Live.

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Next on Nautilus

Next on Nautilus: 2020 Expedition Overview

Tuesday, September 1st

OET is proud to share the launch of our 2020 expedition season! Join this live, virtual event with the E/V Nautilus Corps of Exploration for a preview of where the team will explore this season and new updates and capabilities for E/V Nautilus this season. Viewers will be able to type in their questions on Facebook and YouTube for the presenters, Dr. Nicole Raineault and Samantha Wishnak of the Ocean Exploration Trust. This event previews how you can participate in our first 2020 expedition, mapping the Exclusive Economic Zone of the United States along the western coast. 

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Meet the Team: Making Maps with Manny & Alex

Wednesday, September 2nd 

How do we even start when exploring a new area? Step one is always to make a map! Meet two Seafloor Mapping alumni as they discuss how mappers reveal landscapes on the seafloor, how much of the world remains yet to be mapped, and how they discovered their STEM careers. Join Corps of Exploration members Manny Byas and Alexandra Dawson as they answer questions about their paths onto E/V Nautilus and into first few years of their careers, favorite discovery moments from sea, and tips for how students can get involved now in this type of field. 

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This event developed in partnership with the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation.

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Meet the Team: Opening Doors to Deep Sea Research with Moronke Harris 

Thursday, September 10th at 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT

Moronke Harris grew up in the landlocked portion of a mid-continent province, but her curiosity has carried her to the seafloor studying the fascinating communities of microbes and animals who survive and thrive in the extreme environments of hydrothermal vents. Join in this conversation with Moronke as she begins her first year of graduate school to learn about her unique path from science-enthusiast to scientist and her vent field research on the seafloor in British Columbia.  

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This event developed in partnership with the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation.

Banner for event dark background with image of research vessel from above. the words Explore at Home are in yellow text over two headshots of Gabby Inglis and Jessica Sandoval who are women with dark hair. Text below says Underwater ROVs & the Engineers who fly them 9/15 @ 12 pm EDT

Explore @ Home: Underwater Robots and the Engineers who Fly Them

Tuesday, September 15th at  9 am PDT / 12 pm EDT

How can scientists conduct science at ocean depths where human bodies cannot go? How do the underwater robots safely use electricity underwater?  What’s a pilot’s favorite part of flying a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)?  Join us to learn about the robotic tools used to explore the ocean off of E/V Nautilus, led by Corps of Exploration ROV pilots and engineers Dr. Gabrielle Inglis and Jessica Sandoval. Learn how they discovered their passion for engineering, their latest projects, and where they see the future of ROV technology heading. The event will also feature fun at-home activities to try to boost your engineering and design skills. 

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This event developed in partnership with CITGO.

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Next on Nautilus: Microbes, Methane, and Medicine from the Deep Sea 

Thursday, September 17th  at  8 am HT / 11 am PDT / 2 pm EDT

Off the coast of Washington State, more than 2000 naturally-occurring methane seeps have been identified over the past decade! These extreme marine ecosystems fuel seafloor life, including thriving chemosynthetic communities with deep-sea bacteria that may be used for medicinal purposes. Learn more about how our team is working with researchers from Oregon State University, funded by the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, to study this unique environment.

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Next on Nautilus: Dive in at Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary

Tuesday, September 22nd at  9 am HDT / 12 pm PDT / 3 pm EDT

The Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary is a biologically diverse and ecologically rich region that encompasses nearly 3,200 square miles of coastal and ocean habitats along the wild, remote and scenic Olympic Coast of Washington State. Learn more about how our team is working with researchers from OCNMS and the Quinault Indian Nation to study coral, sponge, and fish communities in deep sea canyons, and communities thriving near methane seeps.

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Explore at Home Meteorites

Explore @ Home: Meteorites from Outer Space to Inner Space

Thursday, September 24th at  8 am HT/ 11 am PDT / 2 pm EDT

What happens when space rocks fall down to Earth? What can these space rocks, meteors, tell us about our own planet or other planets and stars? In 2018 OET and the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary teamed up with NASA to hunt for a meteor that fell from space into the ocean off the coast of Washington. Join us as we learn more about the expedition then and now from Marc Fries, NASA’s cosmic dust curator, a specialist studying meteors. Learn about the challenge of finding space rocks on the seafloor and what tools are used to make these amazing discoveries.

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This event developed in partnership with CITGO.

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Meet the Team: Tiny microplastics in the big deep sea with Taylorann Smith

Wednesday, September 30th at 11 am PDT / 2 pm EDT

Did you know there are plastic materials in the ocean the human eye can't see? Tiny pieces and particles of plastics called microplastics. Taylorann Smith, an Ocean Science Intern alumna and Science Manager-in Training on E/V Nautilus researches how microplastics affect ocean ecosystems and overall health and will be trialing new deepsea sampling techniques this year. Learn about her graduate school project in the Ecological Oceanography lab at California State University at Northridge, and how she hopes to incorporate her interests and background into her future career.

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This event developed in partnership with the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation.

Next on Nautilus National Marine Sanctuaries of Central California over a picture of purple octopus

Next on Nautilus: National Marine Sanctuaries in Central California  

Monday, October 5th 

From October 3-16 E/V Nautilus is partnering with Greater Farallones and Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuaries to explore canyons and seamounts in these protected areas, some of the most productive and biologically rich ecosystems in the world. Learn more about the team’s expedition objectives, including surveying a massive octopus nursery and actively-scavenged whale fall that we encountered in the last two years. Join the Corps of Exploration and sanctuary researchers to hear more about our previous discoveries and catch up on the current expedition.

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Explore @ Home: Corals in the Darkness with Carina Fish and Dr. Steve Auscavitch

Friday, October 9th  

Picture a coral. Did you imagine something tropical and sunshiney?  Dive in to explore the corals who live their life in total darkness and frigid temperatures of the deep sea.  Learn how they are similar and different to their tropical relatives. Meet two members of the Corps of Exploration Carina Fish and Dr. Steve Auscavitch as they take us on a journey to learn about these ancient habitat builders in the dark.

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This event developed in partnership with CITGO.

Meet the Team banner says start doing stem a panel on undergraduate experiences.

Meet the Team: Start doing STEM - a panel on undergraduate experiences

Monday, October 14th  at  9:30 am Pacific / 12:30 pm Eastern 

Calling all students! Are you interested in a career in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM)? If so, this panel is for you. Learn from a former video engineering intern on E/V Nautilus Oscar Estrada, and two marine science students, Chanel Vidal and Ashley Mickens as they talk about how they got interested in STEM, what they are doing to gain experience in their fields of study, and learn what you can do if you are passionate about ocean science or technology!

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This event developed in partnership with the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation.

Banner saying Next on Nautilus Channel Island National Marine Sanctuary & Santa Lucia Bank

Next on Nautilus: Channel Islands NMS & Santa Lucia Bank

Monday, October 19th  at  10 am Hawai'i / 1 pm Pacific /  4 pm Eastern

The Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary has been explored at shallow depths, but scientists on this expedition will be exploring deeper areas in need of immediate management decisions. The team will also explore an area west of Santa Lucia Bank, which is a proposed location in a nominated Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary. Join Violet Walker, Lizzie Duncan, Laura Francis, Lisa Wooninck, and Julie Bursek as they discuss how scientists manage Sanctuaries and why expeditions like this one are so important.

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Ballard Banner Explore @ Home Q&A Ocean Exploration Today with Dr. Robert Ballard

Explore at Home: Ocean Exploration Today with Dr. Robert Ballard

Tuesday, October 27th at 12 pm Pacific / 1 pm Mountain / 2 pm Central / 3 pm Eastern

K-12 students! Join renowned explorer Dr. Robert Ballard, Founder and President of OET, as he shares some of his favorite moments of discovery, what questions about our oceans hold the most mystery, and how to get involved with fascinating technologies to help understand the seafloor. Ocean exploration is constantly evolving, and the future of oceanography is in young people’s hands. Bring your questions to ask Dr. Ballard about in-demand STEM careers in exploration and all that’s left to learn about our blue planet!

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This event developed in partnership with CITGO.

Explore at Home Banner for Creativity in Science Art and Tech

Explore at Home: Creativity in Science, Art, and Tech Panel

Monday, November 9th at 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern

How is creativity integral to scientific research, artistic practice, and technology development? What do these fields share and how do they overlap? Not all ocean explorers, thinkers, and creatives are ocean scientists or engineers. Join us to learn about how creativity is central to the work of Peyton Lee, a comic artist and computer and marine science student, Caleb Hawkins, an architectural designer, and a design in technology graduate student, Natasha Miller, a performance poet and the community engagement manager at the Detroit Science Gallery, and John Crawford, an intermedia artist and professor. Learn how they all discovered and pursued their interests, what their latest projects are, why creativity is critical for social and environmental works, and how they hope to shape the future of transdisciplinary projects and collaborations.

Image credit: YOMO/Intermedia at UC Irvine. Choreographer Lindsay Gilmour. Director John Crawford. Photo Leandro Damasco.

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This event developed in partnership with CITGO.

Banner for Explore at Home Event - Marine Geology Q&A with Explorers Allison Fundis and Dr. Nicole Raineault

Explore at Home: Shapes of the Seafloor

Monday, November 23rd at 9 am Hawai'i / 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern

Join Ocean Exploration Trust Chief Operating Officer Allison Fundis and Chief Scientist Dr. Nicole Raineault, scientists as they discuss the variety of marine geological forms that make up the majority of the seafloor. Did you know there are underwater volcanoes, lakes, and smoking chimneys? Learn about these geological features and many more that E/V Nautilus scientists see and study. Interested in studying seafloor rocks and their importance in shaping the seafloor? This event is for you!

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This event developed in partnership with CITGO.