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Using the power of telepresence, Ocean Exploration Trust connects learners around the world with exciting events diving into the topics, technologies, and careers in ocean exploration. Programs introduce learners to professional explorers from the Corps of Exploration and bring the latest discoveries from expeditions straight to audiences whether at home or in school.


Meet the Team student and career features are interactive opportunities to meet early career professionals who study and work in ocean science, technology, and engineering. Learn about their pathways and explore the many possibilities in STEM careers!

Nautilus from a drone

Next on Nautilus expedition overviews feature the latest updates from the 2021 Nautilus expedition in the Eastern and Central Pacific. Join our team to recap thrilling discoveries and preview science and technology developments you can see on Nautilus Live.

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Expedition Summary:

Science Seminar: With our powers combined... Innovative multi-vehicle concepts of operations on Nautilus

Wednesday, September 29, 2021 — 9:00 am Hawaii • 12:00 pm Pacific • 3:00 pm Eastern

Join the conversation to learn more about how the NOAA Ocean Exploration Cooperative Institute (OECI) is bringing together partners to advance the pace and practices of modern ocean exploration. 

Join Ocean Exploration Trust (OET) and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) for a one-hour look at an exciting multi-vehicle technology and concept of operations test expedition aboard Exploration Vessel Nautilus. Presented by team members live at sea off the coast of Southern California, this event will feature OECI Associate Director Jason Fahy, WHOI National Deep Submergence Facility Director Andy Bowen, WHOI Senior Scientist Dr. Dana Yoerger, and OET Director of Education and Outreach, Megan Cook. Bring your questions for the team out at sea as they share early results from this operation testing mission.

This is the third seminar in a six-part OECI series.

Technology Spotlight: Combining the Power of ROVs and AUVs with Hybrid Vehicle NUI 

Monday, September 27, 2021 — 6:30 am Hawaii • 9:30 am Pacific • 12:30 pm Eastern

In the last decades, autonomous underwater vehicles have rapidly advanced their capabilities. During a September mission aboard E/V Nautilus, teams are coming together to continue pushing the technology working to combine the strengths of remotely operated and self-driving vehicles exploring in combination. Supported by the NOAA Ocean Exploration Cooperative Institute, the Corps of Exploration and team from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution are coming together working with ROV Argus and Hybrid ROV NUI flying in combination to trial new underwater communication and piloting tasks. Join the conversation and bring your questions for engineers Mike Jakuba, Casey Machado, and Zac Berkowitz.

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Technology Spotlight: Midwater Mission Specialist HROV Mesobot

Friday, September 24, 2021 — 5:00 am Hawaii • 8:00 am Pacific • 11:00 am Eastern

During the September OECI Technology Testing expedition, new underwater vehicles are onboard E/V Nautilus to test, revise, and refine new methods of ocean exploration. Join this live Q&A to meet the team of engineers and scientists working hard to develop technologies to understand the vast mid-water portion of the ocean, beneath the sunlight and above the seafloor. Bring your questions for Dr. Annette Govindarajan leading efforts to sample midwater biodiversity with tiny DNA strands, Dr. Allan Adams leading measurements of the tiny fractions of light that penetrate the deep ocean, engineer Molly Curran on the challenges of developing new piloting technology, and Dr. Dana Yoerger sharing the importance of linking shipboard and vehicle technologies.  

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Next on Nautilus:

New Technology Operations Demonstrations on Nautilus

Thursday, September 23, 2021 — 6:00 am Hawaii • 9:00 am Pacific • 12:00 pm Eastern

Next on Nautilus events feature the latest from the 2021 Nautilus expedition in the Eastern and Central Pacific. Join a conversation with the team aboard E/V Nautilus as we depart for our Ocean Exploration Cooperative Institute-funded expedition to test new concepts of operations combining ROVs, AUVs, and hybrid ROVs to push forward our technological capabilities for exploration.  Meet the engineers from Ocean Exploration Trust and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and get your questions answered about the robotic technology developments you will see in the upcoming expedition on Nautilus Live.

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Next on Nautilus:

Expedition to #ONCAbyss

Wednesday, August 11, 2021 — 11:00 am Hawaii • 2:00 pm Pacific • 5:00 pm Eastern

Preview the August E/V Nautilus expedition with Ocean Networks Canada in a live conversation with the scientists, engineers, and students aboard the ship in their first days at sea. For a month, the team will investigate the abyssal plain, hydrothermal vents, and conduct dual-ship operations deploying and installing Earth-observing instruments for an ocean observatory across the Juan de Fuca tectonic plate. Bring your questions and join the conversation about new ocean technology and the engineering challenges of working on a geologically active seafloor! 

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