2019 Expedition
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California Mapping

May 15, 2019 to May 22, 2019 — NA107

This expedition will continue previous years of mapping by Nautilus to provide the foundational seafloor mapping data set of a number of priority sites of Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary (GFNMS) and Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary (CBNMS). GFNMS protects 3,295 square miles, and the CBNMS encompasses 1,286 square miles of seafloor habitat, and achieving a better understanding of habitats in these regions helps to inform conservation and management.

Data collection of high resolution bathymetry and seafloor characterization will inform dive planning later in the year as E/V Nautilus returns in October 2019 to visually survey some of these regions using remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Priority sites include the Point Area Biogenic Area South, particularly in areas that are proposed to be opened to bottom trawling and adjacent areas proposed to be closed in 2019. Data will also be used to identify areas for future research of deep-sea corals and sponge habitats that will serve as sentinel sites for ocean acidification monitoring and identification of impacts within an upwelling region.

Sponsored by: NOAA Office of Exploration and Research & NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries


Meet the Team

Photo of Michaela Barnes
Photo of Wayne Bornio
Video Engineer
Photo of Tim Burbank
Data Engineer
Photo of Mark DeRoche
Deck Chief
Photo of Margaret Esrey
Seafloor Mapping Intern
Photo of Jessica Kaelblein
Video Engineering Intern
Photo of Renato Kane
Photo of Ed McNichol
Video Engineer
Photo of Nicole Raineault
Expedition Leader
Photo of Miles Saunders
Photo of Sage Tezak
Mapping Specialist
Photo of Alex Wang
Navigation Intern


Album: Filling in the Gaps: Seafloor Mapping in Transit
Filling in the Gaps: Seafloor Mapping in Transit
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July 18, 2019