Any Fin Is Possible

STEM Learning Module
Snailfish and Any Fin activity
Ocean Exploration Trust

Students will learn about a variety of fish adaptations for marine and freshwater environments. Students will design a fish using custom printable body plan variations and justify the adaptation choices given to the species with information about how that fish has evolved to be successful for its environment.

Objectives & learning outcomes

  • Explain how adaptations and physiology allow certain organisms to be successful in their environment.
  • Apply the concept of natural selection to explain the traits of certain organisms in an ecosystem.
  • Design an organism to be successful in an ecosystem while understanding how each structure contributes to the organism’s success.

Disciplinary Core Ideas

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Lesson Set-up Video

Grade level

Grade level

Time & materials

Time & materials
Scale: two of three
Prep time involves some setup of materials & low-cost supplies.