Congratulations 2023 Nautilus Education Program Participants!

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Ocean Exploration Trust

After reviewing a record-breaking number of competitive applications, the Ocean Exploration Trust is excited to announce the educators, students, and explorers who were selected early this year to join our upcoming Nautilus Expedition as Science Communication Fellows and Science and Engineering Interns! Bringing unique perspectives and varied professional experiences while representing communities across the United States and US territories, these participants are the newest members of the Corps of Exploration. Congratulations to all of our Fellows! 

2023 Science Communication Fellowship

The Science Communication Fellowship immerses formal and informal educators and artists in the Corps of Exploration as expedition communicators. Fellows play a vital role in supporting the mission of Ocean Exploration Trust by incorporating the excitement of ocean exploration, science, technology, engineering, and math into their schools, organizations, and communities and sharing it with a global audience via the Nautilus Live website. Fellows become ambassadors for exploration, delivering personal accounts, expedition operations, and daily life at sea to varied audiences through live audio commentary online, ship-to-shore broadcasts, local events, and creative instruction within their home classrooms, schools, organizations, and communities. Congratulations to these fellows!


Ocean Exploration Trust


Science Communication Fellows

Devon Avrigian Jones | New Providence Middle School - Clarksville, TN

Ashleigh Glickley | Hawthorne Elementary - Crestwood, KY

Daniella Griffay | Admiral Arthur W. Radford High School - Kaneohe, HI

Anneliese Haleck | Samoana High School - Pago Pago, AS

Kim Hermans | Woodbridge High School - Newport Beach, CA

Tori Hunt | Concord High School - Kannapolis, NC

Cara Lin | Guam Coral Reef Initiative - Mongmong-toto-maite, Guam

Brittany Munson | California Science Center - Cerritos, CA

Hulukoa Nunokawa | Kānehunāmoku Voyaging Academy - Honolulu, HI

Daniel Price | Bryce Canyon National Park - Falling Waters, WV

Stephanie Weinger | Children’s Natural Science Illustrator - Philadelphia, PA


Lead Science Communication Fellows

Christopher Clauss | Marlborough School - Chesterfield, NH

Katie Doyle | Flour Bluffs ISD - Corpus Christi, TX

Malanai Kāne Kuahiwinui | Kānehunāmoku Voyaging Academy - Kaneohe, HI

Daniel Kinzer | Purple Maiʻa Foundation - Honolulu, HI

Alejandra Martinez | Memorial Junior High - Eagle Pass, TX


2023 Science & Engineering Interns: 


Ocean Science Interns

Bronwyn Kay | graduate of University of Hawaiʻi, Hilo - Kalaheo, HI

Sebastian Martinez | University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa - Tacoma, HI

Paola Santiago Padua | Universidad de Puerto Rico (Rio Piedras) - Toa Baja, PR

Zach Taylor | University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo - Pepeekeo, HI

Guadalupe Zapata | Tuskegee University - Tuskegee, AL


ROV Engineering Interns

Anabel Baker | Oregon State University - Seattle, WA

Humon Moeen | University of Southern California - Culver City, CA

Wren Sakai | Carnegie Mellon University - Pittsburg, PA

Justin Shiffler | graduate of Portland State University - Waco, TX 


Video Engineering Interns

Jaina Galves | Seattle University - Seattle, WA

Manal Murangi | graduate of University of Maryland (Baltimore County) - Bethesda, MD

Logan Ossentjuk | University of California Santa Barbara - Santa Barbara, CA

Darral Tillock | Middle Tennessee State University - Lebanon, TN


Navigation Intern

Cheyenne Waters | United States Coast Guard Academy - New London, CT


Seafloor Mapping Interns

Gabriela Espino | University of Rhode Island - Kailua, HI

Casidhe Mahuka | Coral Reef Advisory Group of American Samoa - Pago Pago, AS

Isabella Monaco | University of Colorado, Boulder - Boulder, CO

Sara Pierson | Georgia Institute of Technology - Atlanta, GA

Alec Ramirez | University of California, Santa Barbara - Watsonville, CA