Adaptations Of Octopuses

Activity or Mini-Lesson
Octopus from Cascadia Margin Expedition
Ocean Exploration Trust

This lesson uses the 5E method (Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend, Evaluate) to dive into the lives of octopuses and how this animal group has evolved over time to adapt to their environments. With a hands-on demonstration, students will mock up octopus ink and examine how octopus use camouflage on the seafloor.

Objectives & learning outcomes

The learner will explore how octopuses have adapted in order to meet their needs for survival. The learner should be using vocabulary presented in the videos and discussion, along with various STEM projects to analyze and discuss how octopuses have adapted to guarantee their survival.

Disciplinary Core Ideas

Grade level

Grade level

Time & materials

Time & materials
Scale: one of three
Prep time and materials cost minimal, may require printing.



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