Diversity & Inclusion

June 9, 2020

Ocean Exploration Trust is committed to anti-racism.

…but we can and must do better. We are listening. We commit to making choices that reflect our dedication to anti-racism with the programs we run, resources we allocate, and every message we send — not for the next week, but from now forward. We commit to include, amplify, and make space for more BIPOC voices in the deep sea and STEM communities. We commit to do more to diversify our team, staff, trustees, and programs both aboard E/V Nautilus and behind the scenes. We commit to allowing this significant moment in systemic and pervasive injustice borne by Black people for generations to change us. It will change us and lead us to work for positive change in our role within the deep-sea research and exploration community. Growth is continual and we will continue to listen, learn, do better, and be bolder in encouraging our community to do the same.

On June 10, Ocean Exploration Trust will join #ShutDownAcademia and #ShutDownSTEM to recognize that academia perpetuates systemic racism, to listen to and amplify members of our community that are sharing resources, and to make actionable plans for ways we will make our programs more inclusive for BIPOC from now forward.

As we take on this work as an organization, we invite input from our community on how we can engage more deeply in anti-racism work within the broader scientific community. Please email us.