"Headless Chicken Monster" Astounds Scientists

This sea cucumber commonly nicknamed the “headless chicken monster” is unique for its webbed swimming fin structures. Although it typically spends its days gobbling up detritus among sediment grains on the seabed, the unique behavior to swim through the water column helps it avoid predators, locate new feeding areas, and delight science teams.

Recorded on ROV Hercules’ Zeus camera while diving at the Loudoun Seamount over 2,000 meters deep, this invertebrate is from the genus Enypniastes. The only species in its genus, it's also sometimes known as a “swimming sea cucumber,” “pink see-through fantasia,” and a “headless chicken.” This dark-colored sea cucumber is just one of the amazing creatures we’ve witnessed on expedition Luʻuaeaahikiikekumu while exploring the Liliʻuokalani Ridge Seamounts.

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