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Live Ship-to-Shore Interaction Guide

Science Communicaton Fellow Tori Hunt on a projector at the front of a classroom streaming in live to talk with students.
Ocean Exploration Trust

Live ship-to-shore interactions are one-on-one live video Q&A broadcasts with the Ocean Exploration Trust team aboard Exploration Vessel Nautilus to learn more about life onboard the ship and our latest deep-sea discoveries. These sessions are free to all classrooms, community events, or other learning spaces. Live interactions are conducted seven days a week during all at-sea expeditions, across all time zones

This document serves as a how-to-guide with tips for preparing your audience and creating engagement during a live interaction as well as how to extend the learning and fun after your interaction with the team at sea!

Objectives & learning outcomes

Learn how to:

  • Schedule a live Ship-to-Shore interaction. 
  • Prepare your group for a live ship-to-shore interaction with a background on the purpose of ocean exploration and the Ocean Exploration Trust
  • Utilize Nautilus Live educational resources to foster curiosity and questions before and during your live interaction. 
  • Share about the importance of the ocean using the 7 Ocean Literacy Principles created by the National Marine Educators Association. 

Disciplinary Core Ideas

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