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Exploring E/V Nautilus

Aerial view of E/V Nautilus
Ocean Exploration Trust

Using the 5 Es (Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend, Evaluate) this lesson dives into the various jobs and activities of ocean explorers on E/V Nautilus. Using videos, photos, and STEM career role model pages, students will learn about oceanography and marine biology careers. This lesson allows students to play the game "Simon Says" while learning about the different ship positions. 

Objectives & learning outcomes

The learner will: 

  • explore jobs, life, and activities, aboard E/V Nautilus in order to identify the roles of explorers at sea;
  • learn about maritime and oceanography STEM careers jobs;
  • explore nautical positions and vocabulary (aft, port, starboard, forward) through playing a game;
  • understand why different scientists and professionals need to work together to complete an expedition. 

Grade level

Grade level

Time & materials

Time & materials
Scale: one of three
Prep time and materials cost minimal, may require printing.



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