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Explore More Acrostic Poem

Explore More
Melissa Lorenz / RPBC High School

Create an acrostic poem, using the phrase ‘Explore More’, as a pathway to building a foundation of understanding about ocean exploration. In an acrostic poem, the letters in a word (or phrase) to start every line of the poem. Together, the lines of the poem describe the main topic of the acrostic and combine to form a message. Lines don’t need to rhyme or have a specific length as long as they all connect back to the primary phrase – in this case, ‘Explore More’.

Objectives & learning outcomes

Students should be able to complete and create an acrostic poem, like the examples below for the letter N:

  • Basic: N is for Nautilus, both a pelagic mollusk of the family Cephalopoda and the name of the world’s greatest ocean exploration vessel.
  • Complex: N is for Nautilus. Nautilus is both a pelagic mollusk of the family Cephalopoda and the world’s greatest ocean exploration vessel, E/V Nautilus! Ocean Exploration Trust (OET) operates this ship to explore the world’s ocean and seek out new discoveries in science disciplines and technology testing. In 2008, OET was formed by Dr. Robert Ballard, to bring the latest discoveries from the ocean to the world.


Grade level

Grade level

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Time & materials
Scale: one of three
Prep time and materials cost minimal, may require printing.



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