Technology Spotlight: Midwater Mission Specialist HROV Mesobot

Friday, September 24, 2021 — 5:00 am Hawaii • 8:00 am Pacific • 11:00 am Eastern

During the September OECI Technology Testing expedition, new underwater vehicles are onboard E/V Nautilus to test, revise, and refine new methods of ocean exploration. Join this live Q&A to meet the team of engineers and scientists working hard to develop technologies to understand the vast mid-water portion of the ocean, beneath the sunlight and above the seafloor. Bring your questions for Dr. Annette Govindarajan leading efforts to sample midwater biodiversity with tiny DNA strands, Dr. Allan Adams leading measurements of the tiny fractions of light that penetrate the deep ocean, engineer Molly Curran on the challenges of developing new piloting technology, and Dr. Dana Yoerger sharing the importance of linking shipboard and vehicle technologies.  

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