Squid Squad vs ROV Hercules: It’s Inking Time!

Our crew was in for a fun surprise during the usually calm “blue water” period of our dive when this squid squad showed us their true colors. We may picture squid releasing black ink similar to the type in our writing instruments but as you can see in this video, squid ink comes in a variety of colors. The substance is produced in the squid’s ink sacs nestled between their gills.

This particular type of inking is known as a pseudomorph- a small cloud of ink resembling the shape of its producer meant to distract predators so the squid can escape. Luckily for these individuals, our ROVs don’t bite!

The Nautilus team has witnessed a plethora of wildlife during our many ROV dives on the unexplored areas of Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument. You can learn more about the current expedition here.