Beyond the Wow: Complex Robots Need Simple Checklists

Before and after every remotely-operated vehicle (ROV) dive, you might notice our team of engineers walking around the vehicles with a clipboard in hand. To make sure the ROVs are ready to start their underwater journey thousands of feet underwater, everyone from senior pilots to new trainees use checklists to make sure vehicles are operational and to track maintenance. In this video, go behind the scenes of operations aboard E/V Nautilus to learn about the hundreds of components that make up ROV Hercules and Argus.

Beyond the Wow is a series of education videos for students to learn about the engineering principles behind our operations. 

Learn more about the ROVs and other technology aboard E/V Nautilus.

Meet some of the engineering team and learn what it’s like to be an ROV pilot.  

Using the engineering design process and everyday materials, build your own ROV arm with a claw.