From Shore to the Abyss Project Panel:

Artificial Intelligence for Shark Conservation

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 — 8:00 am Hawaii • 11:00 am Pacific • 2:00 pm Eastern

Sharks around the world are in decline and conservationists must find new ways to monitor their populations. Enter SharkPulse, a new tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify and speed up shark identification to help build a worldwide observer network where everyone can take the pulse of global shark populations. Join the geniuses that turned this tantalizing tech into a reality and learn how you too can join their efforts to save sharks.

Join OET and the National Geographic Society shark project team members Kelly Koller, Dr. Sara Khalid, Jeremy Jenrette, and Dr. Francesco Ferretti in this first of the From Shore to the Abyss Project Panel live event.  

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