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Deep Sea Geology Rocks: Hydrothermal Vent and Underwater Geologic Formations

The majority of the seafloor is often thought of as a ‘desert’ without much geographic diversity. As the seafloor around the Neptune Observatory off the coast of Canada is studied more in-depth, the geographic features prove to be a wonderland for physical oceanographers and ocean geologists. Throughout the #ONCabyss expedition, a cruise in partnership with Ocean Networks Canada and Ocean Exploration Trust with E/V Nautilus, team members were stunned to see the towering hydrothermal vents, pillow lava, crevasses, and countless other underwater formations. With each visit to this location, scientists learn more and more about these formations and how the vents transform the seafloor. To learn more about these unique features, scroll through the photos and below.

Written by Science Communication Fellows Katie Doyle, Maynard Okereke, Lori Hetschel