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2021 Expedition Patch Design Contest Artwork

Congratulations to the 2021 Nautilus Expedition Patch Design Contest Winner, Elissa, and many Honorable Mention designers! Click through to see some of the designs inspired by deep sea exploration as imagined by talented young artists and explorers around the world. 

Meet the 2021 Nautilus Expedition Patch Design Contest Winner:
Elissa, 17, from Sahuarita, AZ 

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2021 Patch Contest Winner Elissa

"My vibrant patch design is specifically inspired by marine biology research and multibeam mapping sonar utilized by E/V Nautilus. Essentially, the vivid pigmentation in the patch imitates the colors of the mapping technology and the drawn animals represent the study of marine organisms. Overall, the design incorporates the outlined shape of a shell, colors of the sonar, a seahorse, and sea kelp to depict these elements.

Since the age of eight, I have consistently expressed my aspiration in becoming a marine biologist and I always managed to display my love for oceanography through my artwork whenever I had the opportunity. Despite living in Sahuarita, Arizona I still wish to explore the ocean someday to pursue scientific research. Simply watching 'Nautilus Live' on YouTube inspired me to enter into this competition. Viewing the expedition highlights is so enjoyable! Ultimately, I wanted this design to be special and unique for the 2021 expedition! I hope my design reflects the E/V Nautilus mission in exploring the beautiful ocean as well as the effervescent life it maintains. "

Students ages five to eighteen (5-18) are eligible to submit original artwork to be considered for the official Nautilus Expedition Patch that will be worn by members of the Corps of Exploration during our annual exploration cruises.  Learn more about the patch contest, or get creative with our Nautilus creature coloring pages!