Testing New Camera Technology To Bring The Deep Sea to 3D

During our Ocean Exploration Through Advanced Imagery expedition, the team had the exciting opportunity to test a new wide field camera array system co-developed by the Ocean Exploration Trust and Sexton Corporation to expand how we gather data from the deep ocean. In this video, join the team touring this new technology as its brought to the field, working from deployment to data processing to visualize the ocean floor using both complex technology and off-the-shelf software solutions. 

Across two weeks, we challenged ourselves and the technology by exploring a variety of complex underwater terrains throughout the Hawaiian Archipelago, including cliffs, pinnacles, coral gardens, and the active submarine volcano Kamaʻehuakanaloa Seamount and developing models based on new data. OET and our partners are proud to have developed a camera capable of recording discoveries with the highest production quality available for deep ocean exploration, and we can't wait to continue sharing its evolution with the world. 

To check out the 3D models generated on this cruise visit our page on Sketchfab.

Learn more about this expedition funded by the Office of Naval Research.