From Shore to the Abyss Project Panel:

Inspired by Nature: Designs of the future inspired by sharks, marine mammals, and nature together

Tuesday, September 27, 2022 — 8:00 am Hawaii • 11:00 am Pacific • 2:00 pm Eastern

Whether it’s the elegant undulations of a jellyfish or the kaleidoscopic color changes of a cephalopod, nature is the true master of design. We have much to learn from it. In this interactive live discussion, join scientists and Hawaiian experts as they share the lessons we are learning and have yet to learn from nature’s designs.

Learn how sharks and marine mammals and all of nature are inspiring the designs of the future in products, communities, and digital spaces  with Daniel Kinzer, Dr. Keolu Fox, Dr. Molly Gabler - Smith, and Dr. Frank Fish as they share their passions for stewardship of nature, community knowledge, and the conservation of coral reefs.

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