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Best of Nautilus Patch Designs: 2017 Expedition

Your artwork could go on an ocean adventure aboard Exploration Vessel Nautilus! Every expedition season, Dr. Robert Ballard and members of the Corps of Exploration choose one drawing from a young artist 6-14 years old to be made into the official patch of the E/V Nautilus Expedition. Learn more about the Nautilus Expedition Patch Design Contest.

Patch designs fall under one or more of our exploration themes:

  • Science: geology, marine biology, chemistry, or archaeology
  • Technology: the ship Nautilus, our ROVs Hercules & Argus or the multibeam mapping sonar
  • Exploration: 95% of the ocean remains unexplored. 

Need a little exploration art inspiration? Check out some of our team's favorite designs from the 2017 Patch Design Contest!