Photo album:

Ocean Observing Toolbox - Instruments of Ocean Networks Canada

How do you observe the oceans in real time, 24/7? You need a lot of tools!  

From June 6th-22nd, 2017, the Corps of Exploration on E/V Nautilus partnered with Ocean Networks Canada to help explore and maintain their NEPTUNE (North East Pacific Time-series Underwater Networked Experiments) observatory. When the ship departed from Victoria, BC, the back deck was loaded with about as much equipment as one will ever see aboard. The many different scientific instruments and platforms were all destined for deployment across the seafloor west of Vancouver Island. Explore the photo album to learn more about each piece of equipment, both on the Nautilus and deployed on the seafloor - with a great deal of help from ROVs Hercules and Argus! Watch a short video of some of these instruments spotted in the wild!

Contributed by Science Communication Fellows Jon Willis and Kaitlyn Lowen.