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Nautilus Ship Tour

We broadcast live video of the back deck of the ship and the vehicles 24/7, but rarely do our viewers get to see the rest of Nautilus. Here's a quick tour around the ship showing spaces where the Corps of Explorers live, work and play while they are at sea exploring. The Tour starts at the top of the ship and works its way downward.

The Bridge Deck at top consists of the Bridge, the Control Van and the Satellite Dish.

Below that is the Upper Deck, which contains the Galley, the Mess, the Lounge, and several cabins.

Below that is the Main Deck, which sits at the same level as the aft deck from where the vehicles are launched. The Main Deck consists of several cabins, plus the Data Lab, the Wet Lab, the Satellite Room, the Exercise Room, the Studio, the ROV Workshop, and the Laundry Room.

The next deck down, known as the Tween deck, is divided into three separate areas: two berthing sections with cabins, and one large section in the middle of the ship that is the Engine Room.