Tom Dakin headshot photo

Tom Dakin

Sensor Technologies Development Officer
Ocean Networks Canada

Tom Dakin is the sensor technologies development officer at Ocean Networks Canada's Innovation Centre. Tom manages the sensors and instrumentation portfolio which includes the Technology Demonstration Facility. The primary function of the facility is to help ocean instrument manufacturers develop, improve and demonstrate their technologies. Previously Tom spent 17 years as the research and development manager at AML oceanographic, designing deep ocean instruments and sensors. He also spent 12 years in the military primarily in submarine detection.

Tom is presently working on a PhD in earth and ocean sciences at the University of Victoria. His research focus is the development of an insitu seawater density sensor to support the new thermodynamic equation of state for seawater, TEOS-10.

"I've wanted to be an oceanographer since I was in Grade 6. Jacques Cousteau and Don Walsh were my heroes growing up. I discovered early on that I have a talent and passion for developing new instruments and have spent the last 30 years doing that. This trip on the Nautilus is to deploy a new automated system to report on the underwater noise generated by ships and boats in an effort to help protect our marine ecosystems."


Tom participated in the following Ocean Exploration Trust expeditions: