Rachel Thomas-Shapiro headshot photo

Rachel Thomas Shapiro

Science Communication Fellow
Science Department Chair
The Williams School

Rachel Thomas-Shapiro is a Chemistry teacher and Chair of the Science Department at the Williams School in New London, CT. She has also taught Geology at UConn and has worked as an educator and interpreter at Mystic Seaport for the last 18 years, where she most recently served as crew on the historic 38th voyage of the whaleship, Charles W Morgan. Rachel has worked at the New England Aquarium as an educator, as a wetlands biologist in Rhode Island, and as a biochemist at a start-up tech company in New Jersey. 

Rachel Thomas-Shapiro graduated from Connecticut College in 1988 with a degree in biology. She completed a bachelor's degree in chemistry at Aberdeen University in Scotland, coursework for a PhD in biochemistry at Rutgers University, and received her MAT in Science from Connecticut College in 1994.

"I feel so lucky to be visiting Kick 'em Jenny this fall because the voyage will tie together so many of my interests in chemistry, geology, and oceanology. Working on the Nautilus is the most exciting opportunity there is in ocean exploration right now."


Rachel participated in the following Ocean Exploration Trust expeditions: