Pamela Salestrom headshot photo

Pamela Salestrom

Music Director-Video Editor

Pam Salestrom has a Ham Operator's License and has spent months on the ice in Antarctica with USARP. She has traveled the world with an interest in artistic cultural studies. Pam spent 12 days rafting the Colorado River with the National Park Service as a volunteer helping biologists conduct scientific experiments in the Grand Canyon. She has photographed and created 16 album covers for her husband Jim Salestrom. This is Pam Salestrom's second voyage-the first off the coast of Sicily Italy in 2012.

Pam has a B.S. in Education.

"I love the camaraderie of the crew and the spirit of exploration on Nautilus.
And the enthusiasm Dr Robert Ballard has for the ocean is wonderful. Dr Katy Bell is an inspiration to me too"


Pamela participated in the following Ocean Exploration Trust expeditions: