Kevin Grant headshot photo

Kevin Grant

Deputy Sanctuary Superintendant
Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary

In 1996 Kevin received a B.S. in Biology/Environmental Science from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Kevin then served two years as a Peace Corps volunteer teaching high school science in the Solomon Islands. After returning from the Peace Corps he worked as a Fisheries Biologist with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission conducting fisheries-independent monitoring along the Florida panhandle.

In 2004 Kevin earned a Master of Marine Affairs degree from the University of Washington’s School of Marine Affairs. He spent a year as a John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellow at the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland. Since then, Kevin spent almost three years in Hawaii working as a Policy Specialist with Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument and four years as the Deputy Superintendent of National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa (formerly Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary). Since July 2012 Kevin has been the Deputy Superintendent of Administration and Operations at Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary.

At various points in his career, Kevin worked as a Fisheries Observer in Alaska, assisted NOAA's Northwest Fisheries Science Center in developing Community Profiles for West Coast and North Pacific Fisheries, and assisted in a pilot study to develop survey methodology and a sampling strategy for assessment of coastal shark populations.

"Everything is awesome."


Kevin participated in the following Ocean Exploration Trust expeditions: