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Keith Wood

Documentarian, Communications/Media
KWW, Int'l

Keith Wood has been working as a freelance photographer & videographer for more than 20 years with clients in both the corporate and broadcast environments. He was first involved with the JASON Project on expedition "5" (Belize) & has been involved many other JASON expeditions over the years. He is currently based just outside of Washington, DC.

Keith Wood holds a degree in "Oceanographic Technology", has been a NAUI diving instructor trainer and also holds a certification as a research diver.

"I've always been interested in the underwater environment since I took SCUBA Diving in college. I've been fortunate to dive in many spots around the globe & be amazed at it's diversity. I am excited to be involved in a new phase of exploration with ROV's exploring environments I could never reach with SCUBA gear."


Keith participated in the following Ocean Exploration Trust expeditions: